Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beyond Memory

We are proud to present new work from Irakli Bugianishvili opening this Saturday at 5pm. The artist, originally from Georgia recently completed a residency in Zagreb, Croatia where he created the series entitled 'Abandoned'. In this exhibition the artist unveils a study of forsaken homes set in deserted landscapes in Croatia where many parts of the country are still left without inhabitants as a result of the 'Homeand' war of the 90's.
The Abandoned cycle precedes the recent Russian invasion of Georgia where the artists family home was bombed. Thereafter, and unable to return home, Bugianishvili began another short series of works entitled 'Tree of Life' which portray ironically aesthetic images of the atomic bomb setting off into the atmosphere. Reflecting on the current situation in his homeland, Irakli has attempted to initiate a dialog between similar events and in doing so seeks to reveal a collective consciousness with regards to the aftermath of great destruction. The face of Bugianishvili's work deals with the idea of memory and how it is altered by the ever changing physicality of our past, present and future.

Bolte's weekly music recommendation

This time i'd like to show you my cute fiend sweet princess by Kimya Dawson.
Released: August 3, 2004
Label: Important Records
If you want to listen to it, check like almost always

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Arrivals!

John Murphy has finally arrived in Heidelberg! His images are so gorgeous in person and make (if you can believe it) an even stronger impact in person. I have decided to redesign the entire space in order to accommodate these works.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Peter Doig - The reluctant Master

One of the most recent spectacles of the seemingly boundless escalation of art market prices, Peter Doig is one artist who is not impressed by this phenomena but rather brought to the point of nausea. After one of his paintings sold for the highest of any living artist in history (beating Jeff Koons) at Southeby's for 5.7 million pounds, one can imagine that painting has taken on a whole new meaning for this anti-hero. For all of you who are not yet wild with anticipation, he is coming to the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt on the 9th of October. I suppose everyone has to judge for themselves whether or not his works warrant such high prices, although I doubt Peter himself would argue in favor. Here's an idea! Next time someone lays down 5 million pounds at Southeby's, they should throw in the rescue of an African country on the house!

Coming Soon....

The Bourgeois Pig will be 'tickled pink' to introduce John Murphy to Heidelberg in a few weeks. Although, I am hoping that his pieces arrive sooner than that! I contacted John after seeing his work splashed a cross the pages of my favorite blogs and just fell in love. We spoke on the phone at length about the art world, which he has been extensively linked to for some time. John worked as a curator & a gallery director for years until he decided to give it all up for his own practices. He prepares his photographs in his studio as you would a stage setting, which produce these incredibly ephemeral, yet artificial images. His frames are also fantastically opulent, and come in a number of bold colors. I will post again as soon as they arrive!