Friday, November 21, 2008

The ephemeral beauty of Ibride

Plateau Cornelius
Plateau Nibou
I can't wait for the new Ibride items to arrive in our shop. First of all, this small Parisian company has some of the best branding design around. Just check out their website and you will be immediately drawn into their world. This year they have introduced a number of new trays, a ming vase and furniture pieces which make 'the most' incredible impact. The Diva Console seen below is becoming fast one of our most popular sellers. All can say is oh la la!

Diva Console
Plateaux Ambroise

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Portrait of the Artist as an Artist

We are so excited to have the opportunity to present new work from Kate Marshall for the second time. While the British born artist has kept very busy over the last few years building her dynasty of nouveaux feminine pop, we have been over here, hanging on every new piece, and drooling. She has recently acquired a printing press to award herself for the hard work it has taken becoming somewhat of a master in Etching, Lino Printing and Dry Point. Those pieces which have stemmed from the actual printing press of Kate Marshall will be on view for your eyes only starting the 27th of November. If you can get the night off, come by our opening reception starting at 7pm. There is always a spectacular atmosphere when Kate's work is in town. Oh, and lots of bubbly!

John Murphy Collages

I guess the cat is finally out of the bag! John had informed me that he was working on a new series of collages when we last spoke, so I was delighted to see them popping up on my favorite blogs. Here is a little sneak peak of the collection I found via Design Sponge.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beyond Memory

This is one of my favorite pieces in our current show from Irakli Bugianishvili. We have decided to extend Beyond Memory until the 25th for visitors who can't make it by the 19th, and so we can host a closing party!

The best way to hail a cab in Winter!

I am so loving these! Those of you who know me will probably get a good laugh out of this. These mittens among other playful designs can be found at Kate Spade - all handcrafted by woman in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When you buy a pair, you are directly supporting a woman as she rebuilds her life.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh Camilla!

Madame Ochre - Screenprint

Mr. Black - Screenprint
When it comes to Camilla Engman, I am always smitten. As one of the most talented illustrators in the world, you would probably think that she was too busy to fulfill her potential in every aspect, but you would be sadly mistaken. This year alone she has collaborated with her good friend Karin Eriksson on a collection of hand thrown stoneware, designed a small product line for Third Drawer Down, become a part of the Converse dynasty, exhibited worldwide 'as usual', and!, has most recently acquired an amazing studio space with her friend Elisabeth Dunker where they have begun a new venture called Studio Violet. Studio Violet's new collection offers the most adorable postcards, journals and prints. Here are a few prints of Camilla's that I hope to have for sale in the Gallery soon & her new 2009 calendar, which I ordered today.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Never in my life have I felt such a sense of pride for my homeland. I applaud all of you who went and made the right choice. Feeling empowered as an American is what it is all about, I now truly believe that we can make a difference.