Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We are happy to present our next (and last) exhibition in the Bourgeois Pig gallery in Heidelberg. We'll show the works of friends and those, who supported and helped us over the last two years to create this wonderful space. Thanks for everything!

The opening starts Monday, January 5th, 7 pm.
Duration: 01/05 - 01/15/2009
We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Will you marry me again?

Yes, it has been one year since Marcus and I said yes at Town Hall. For all of you still waiting on our Wedding, it's coming as soon as we have the time to plan it! Anyway, I am proud to say, wedding or not, that we are still happily married and it just keeps getin' betta. I love you Mr. Krause, thank you for being my wonderful Man! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

And by the way, Merry Christmas from the both of us!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bolte's weekly music recommendation

This time I offer you the recording from Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics, live at Broad Casting, Cargo, London, 17 April 2008.
Mr Astatke, born 1943 in Ethiopia, is the founder of Ethio-Jazz.
The music of The Heliocentrics is a conglomerate of Jazz, Funk, Psychedelic, Rock and so on.
Together they are the hit!
You can download the whole recording (two parts) on eardrummer.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vote! - Save the Villa Nachttanz

There are places that hold a special significance for us all. In the case of the young culture hungry Heidelberger, it would be hard to imagine life here in our beautiful city without the Villa Nachttanz. For the last seven years the Villa has successfully functioned as the only independent cultural institution in Heidelberg. Meaning, that it generates its own funds without depending on external or governmental assistance and is run by a board of 20 or so members who function on a purely democratic basis. In 2007 it won the public prize for the best club in Baden Wurttemberg from the Pop Academy in Mannheim. In addition, it hosts more diverse events in a year than any other club, theater or cultural institution in the city. Entrance fees never rise above 5 Euro and most events cost a mere 2,50; a small price to pay in comparison to the average entrance fees found around the city ranging from 10 to 20 Euro.

On a more personal note, I am proud to reveal that my Husband & partner in crime, better known in these parts as 'Bolte', was one of the founding members of the Villa Nachttanz. (I met and fell in love with him there too!) He, among others is responsible for having taken what was once a broken down house, in dire need of renovation and turned it into a diamond in the rough offering some of the best shows in town; a welcome alternative to our sometimes commercially conservative city. These are people who believe in the constant regeneration of subculture, encourage a non-commercial spirit, and support its ability to affect positive change. Serving as a platform for Creatives alike, anyone has the opportuniy to approach the Villa with the possibility of organizing an event of their own making on the Villa's Euro. Any funds put towards the Villa by their loyal public go strait back into it. This is one place where you can go and say that you got exactly what you paid for.

Taking all this history into consideration I am devastated to announce that the Villa Nachttanz is in danger of being shut down by their landlords, The City of Heidelberg. They have threatened to cancel their rent contract and send 6,ooo official Villa Nachttanz members and subscribers packing without an alternative to speak of. Apparently, the politicians in our city have a knack for ignoring what benefits youth culture in favor of small change profits. In light of this, I urge you all, no matter where you are, to take less than a minute of your time, click on the link below and sign this PETITION! Just for inspiration, it was initiated just three days ago and there are already 3,ooo signatures. A thousand votes a day, just might make the Man go away! For all you non-german speakers out there, the Petition is in English.
Click here now! Save the Villa Nachttanz Petition

Rettet die Villa Nachttanz!

Villa Nachttanz 2007
Petition zum Erhalt der Villa Nachttanz
Der Homo Villanachttanzis ist vom Aussterben bedroht, da der Mietvertrag für die Villa Nachttanz im März 2009 ausläuft und nicht verlängert werden soll. Leider gibt es in der Administration Heidelbergs immer noch einige Vertreter, die nicht begriffen haben, dass die Villa zu einer festen Institution in Heidelberg geworden ist. Es ist richtig, dass damals schon klar war, dass der Mietvertrag nicht über das Jahr 2009 verlängert werden soll. Es wurde der Villa jedoch versichert, einen entsprechenden Ersatz für diesen Zeitpunkt zu finden. Von Seiten der Stadt gab es diesbezüglich keine ernstzunehmenden Bemühungen. Insofern ist die Kündigung einseitig und hinfällig.
Zudem spricht die ehrenamtliche Arbeit der Villamitglieder und -förderer für sich: Mehrere Hundert Konzerte, weit über 500 nichtkommerzielle Partys, ca. 25 Ausstellungen, 6 Festivals mit jeweils mehr als 3000 Besuchern, Gewinn des Publikumpreises der Pop-Akademie für den besten Club Baden-Württembergs, Theatervorstellungen, Lesungen, ganz zu schweigen von dem soziokulturellen Zusammenschluss junger Menschen, der Jugendarbeit und der exzellenten Plattform für junge Kunst.

Lichtinstallation während des Festivillas 2007
Die Villa Nachttanz wurde vor 7 Jahren als Verein aktiön2001 e.V. gegründet, was nichts anderes heißt als: "Aktion für junge Kultur und Toleranz In der Öffentlichkeit Nächtens." - Es ging damals wie heute darum, Räume zur Verfügung zu stellen, damit die jungen (und damit meine ich auch die junggebliebenen) Heidelberger ihre Ideen ohne Bürokratie und hohe Kosten verwirklichen können. Es ist nicht das Ziel der Villa, verzweifelt an ihrem Ort festzuhalten. Wenn die Stadt einen entsprechenden Platz mit ähnlicher Kapazität anböte, wäre die Villa auch bereit umzuziehen. Die Villa aber einfach zu schließen, als ob sie das Bild der Stadt Heidelberg in den letzten Jahren nicht mitgeprägt hätte, ist mehr als ein Unding.
Deshalb hier der Aufruf, die Petition zum Erhalt der Villa Nachttanz zu unterschreiben, um der Administration zu zeigen, was die Villa den Anwohnern Heidelbergs bedeutet. Schließlich werden Bürgermeister und Stadträte doch gewählt, um das Interesse der Anwohner zu vertreten.
Bitte leitet den Link http://www.petitiononline.com/V2010/petition.html
an alle, die ihr kennt, weiter.
Unter http://www.weitertanzen.info gibt es weitere Informationen über den Status der Villa Nachttanz.
Seit dem 11.12.08 wurde diese Petition unterschrieben von:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lars Tygesen at the Heidelberger Kunstverein

Very rarely do I dream of buying a piece of art that is way out of my price range, but the work of Danish artist Lars Tygesen speaks to every fabric of me. I am in love with his palette, his obsession with all things Baroque, and the incredibly contemporary energy that he pours into his canvases. Tygesen's interiors are impressionist, figurative, classical & abstract all at once. Who knew the combination could be so sumptuous! His wide perspective and ability to combine such strong, pronounced detail with a lack thereof astounds me. What a pure aesthetic experience and oh so fulfilling it is!

If you are in the area, I strongly suggest you see the show. Tygeses' s first ever solo show at Galerie Mikael Andersen in Copenhagen sold out after a few days and he has created entirely new work for the Kunstverein in Heidelberg. I will certainly go back for another serving.

Untitled, 2006
Untitled 2008
Untitled, 2007 (Images courtesy of Mikael Andersen)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Grand Opening with Madame Marshall

What a fabulous night! I love it when Kate Marshall comes to town, although I am bias! Here above is a Lino-cut called 'Love' from Kate's Pressure show. This time around Mrs. Marshall enchanted us with a new body of work outlining the historical narrative of the ideal sexualized woman. If you would like to view the Linocuts, Dry Point prints and Etchings she has here on display through the 3rd of January, click here or feel free to pay us a visit if you are in the area. Here below is a little peak of our scandalous evening together. And no, we did not behave!

Kate & Kate

The English Gentleman Saul and his lovely First Lady Selene! They dressed beautifully for the occasion I must say. Saul is a performance artist from London running an initiative called The People Speak and Selene is currently studying Fine Art at the Academy in Karlsruhe. Specializing in Video 'for now', Selene has managed to generate quite a stir with her new video work this past year and in return has received a good amount of recognition. A couple to keep an eye on!

Our Lucky charm Amber, always with the pose!

This image most of you may recognize after Damian Hurst's "For the love of God'. After investing ten million pounds to produce the art work cast from an original 17th century skull, complete with original teeth, encrusted entirely in diamonds, Hurst and Jay Jopling decided to take it to auction and test the waters. The bid was up 40 million and the final purchase made by none other than yours truly, Hurst and his Galerist Jopling, again? Now 50 million in the hole, they have not yet succeeded in getting rid of the masterpiece! As one of Kate Marshall's additions to her up-comming book, entitled 'Lives of the Artists' (after Giorgio Vasari's legendary account of Renaissance artists) Marshall intends to paint for us, or Etch rather, the landscape of Contemporary art and the iconic images that it has given birth to.

What would a party be without Thea, one of the Original Memphis Bitches!

Here is the lovely Perle, and a friend of his, both in Style for our flamboyant event!

"You can keep your Hat (and Wellies) on" - Need I say more?

The gorgeous Kate Marshall. If you ever get a chance to chat with this woman, take it! She is truly riveting. xo

Za Germans.

The Californians.

Here was one of the highlights of the evening. I am absolutely sure that you could recognize these boots from a satellite. My first reaction was, mother fxxxing god all mighty, fabulous, I need, cant breath....'then' I began to convince myself that I would die if I didn't have them. I think that Kate found what woman consider to be a gold mine when she discovered these. Oh, and those are my pathetic little shoes to the right. I do love them though!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Common Decency

I am loving these pillows from Common Decency over at Etsy. They have introduced a small but very strong first look at their vision. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this new venture. I'll have 5 of everything please!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rob Ryan

Ahhh, the poetry of Rob Ryan. I look forward to exhibiting this man's work someday. Despite the fact that Ryan's work has been saturating the market for a while now, it has not lost it's extraordinary charm. He has designed textiles for couture, book covers, plates for Paul Smith this season and has a very impressive list of clients. Adoring this man seems to run in the family! My Mother recently discovered his Etsy shop and ordered a bunch of his Christmas cards. I would love to give one of these prints to my Husband for Christmas. These sentiments are priceless, a bit like Arts & Crafts movement meets Victorian charm.

Friday, December 5, 2008

For the love of Orla Kiely

I have always wanted to sell Orla Kiely in our space, but it just never panned out. For one, her clothing line is very pricey, so I am contented to receive the Lookbook every season in the mail (which is like an artwork in itself). This year I am far more fascinated by Orla's home line than anything else. If you ever get a chance to visit her store in London you would die and die again! By the way, some one please buy me this bedding, I just can't take it any more!! Pretty, pretty, pretty - xo

Keep Calm Returns


We are delighted to present another installment of Lucas and Haley's prints from Keep Calm. This British duo produces the wittiest screen prints of either their own making or those of their many partners in crime! This image above entitled 'I am the State' is one of 40 designs they were commissioned to reproduce for the Hayward Gallery in London to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the May 1968 riots in Paris. In addition to being uber-cool, Keep Calm has managed to set a real standard for screen printing by combining quality, style, and timeless motifs. Here are just a few new additions you can pick up at the Pig.