Monday, November 16, 2009

Mimi Kirchner

I've never thought of myself as a doll person, although I have been known to cuddle the occasional stuffed animal from time to time. As soon as I saw this new Red Haired Tattoo Lady from Mimi Kirchner I fell in love. Her work inspires me so much that I am planning on re-vamping my craft area to try out some new projects. Finding an artist that can redefine and revitalize an age old tradition is so exciting. Mimi also has an adorable blog that can be viewed here!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


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Samstag, 14. November 09

Straßengalerie "Erhebung"

ab 13.oo Uhr
auf dem Platz vor dem psychologischen Institut
für das Bahnbetriebswerk & eine neue "Kunst-Kultur" in Heidelberg

ab 22.oo Uhr "NachtJazzExpress"

presents the modernARTparty



- "Die Stahlband"
- Liedermacher "Äxel"

- sailəntsfiəʳ/ (audiophilets)
- Witwe Bolte
- M.
- Anja


- KatzMaus

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We love you Zouma

I would like to introduce the new addition to our family that has been keeping me from focussing on anything else at the moment besides her sweet face. We adopted Zouma from a pound in Egypt about two weeks ago. When we got her she was absolutely petrified and has since slowly began to come out of her shell. We love her to bits and are trying our best to integrate her into German life. She is incredibly nervous and curious at the moment and doing a wonderful job getting to know her new home, neighborhood and her many new admirers. Watching her is like watching a baby discover the world for the first time, she is fascinated by everything.

She is about 9 months old which makes her about 6 in human years, so you can imagine what a task it is to follow her around teaching her what she can and can't put in her mouth and where she can pee! My husband and I have turned into new parents over night and naturally, we can't manage to talk about anything else. So, if you see us on the street, beware, you are in for a long discussion about our new baby. You know those annoying parents who try to put their new born babies on the phone when they make a cute sound and speak incessantly about their moment to moment experiences? Well, that's us!

I can't begin to express how much joy that Zouma has brought into our lives and how good it feels to have rescued her from one of only two shelters in Egypt. When Zouma was rescued a group of children were trying to drown her in a canal. She came to the shelter as a street dog and is incredibly obedient and wonderfully gentile for such a history. She is a mix of many races, but belongs to the Egyptian desert dog clan which dates back to before Christ. If you live in Europe and would like to rescue a dog that desperately needs a home check out the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals and Spare Lives. The shelters in Egypt are overflowing, so if you are considering getting a puppy of your own, please look at these sites above first.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Photo courtesy of Design Sponge

The ever increasing popularity in the utilization of recycled materials for design purposes seems to have created a new genre. This table below from Workstead in NY resembles something found out of the industrial revolution with a contemporary twist. Made out of 100% recycled materials, this piece is not only smart design, it has a story. The base was once used to support the hull of a ship.

Workstead is a collaboration between Swedish born designer Stefanie Brechbuehler and North Carolina native Robert Andrew Highsmith. The table above is one of Robert's designs which is available through custom order in several finishes and heights. Robert studied music for 15 years until he decided to pursue an architecture degree at the Rhode Island School of Design, where both both partners received their Masters. Workstead is a full service design and architecture firm with a very unique sustainable approach. I have only captured a few of their pieces here, but a more in depth look of their larger projects can be viewed on their site.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Independants

Tent City - July 2009
Librado Romero / New York Times

I always have an eye out for the non-profit sector of arts initiatives because they offer some of the most exciting programming within the field of contemporary art due to their uncompromising visions. Today I would like to share a few of the spaces that I have most recently discovered here in Germany and abroad.

Not An Alternative, Brooklyn

Not An Alternative manages a non-profit multi purpose venue named 'The Change You Want To See Gallery and Convergence Stage' who's mission is to integrate art, activism and theory in order to create a greater understanding of world events, semiotics and history. They recently teamed up with Picture the Homeless and Reclaim NYC to stage a temporary intervention on a bank owned lot in Harlem erecting a tent city for the Homeless. As an initial diversion for the protest, the participants dressed up as production crew members to stage a scenario for the filming of a music video. After the tent city was established more than 100 homeless and allied protesters joined to oppose the lack of affordable housing in the city and attempted to demonstrate the solutions that could be achieved for the homeless by utilizing vacant spaces in the city. Despite a successful day, at least 10 people were arrested for remaining on the property after being asked to leave by the police.

Not An Alternative houses a production workshop filming studio and editing suite. In addition to their exhibition program they offer regular lectures, screenings, workshops, artist talks and panel discussions.

Supportico Lopez, Berlin

'Basking in what feels like an 'ocean of grace', I realize that I am not looking at it but rather, I AM it, recogniszing myself.' - Emily Wardill, 2009

Supportico Lopez was founded in Napoli in 2003 and relocated to Berlin a few years later. The Gallery calls itself a 'curatorial project'. They function with complete autonomy relying entirely on the initiative of private individuals. They attempt, through their projects, to create a better understanding of the international contemporary art world and the social aspects that go into the production of artworks.

Having recently exhibited Emily Wardill was a particularly strong choice for Supportico Lopez. Their choices emphasize the gallery's reach and commitment towards being a competitive force within the Berlin gallery scene. Wardhill is a film maker and a senior lecturer at the Central Saint Martin's College of Art in London. Her work has been widely exhibited all over the world and is set to have a solo show at De Appel in Amsterdam in 2010.

The Next show at Supportico 'Exhume to Consume' from Marius Engh is scheduled to open on the 19th of September.

Self Service Open Art Space, Stuttgart

'Helen Remained Silent', 2009
Alan Cicmak

Self Service is a project by the Kunstverein Dialekt e.V. which is being temporarily run under the name White Heat in collaboration with the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Hermes und der Pfau, Katrin Mundt & Jan Lochte. Self Services program comprises installation, video, film screenings, drawing and painting. Currently on show is 'Hellen Remained Silent' from Alan Cicmak. The German born artist recently completed a residency in Los Angeles at the MAK Center where he researched a site called Surfridge, a no-mans land next to LAX airport, the result of a 1960's expansion project. Cicmak investigates the possibilities of representation in real space with sculpture, installation and film. I would recommend taking a look at his website which provides a very in depth look at his work. This show is definitely worth a visit.

Hermes und der Pfau, Stuttgart

Society for Actually Happening Art Presents 'A Rise and Fall' performed by Hands at White Heat Temporary Art Space, 7.7.2009

Hermes und der Pfau in Stuttgart is a young not-for-profit gallery founded by Anne-Sofie Ruckhaberle and Philipp Ziegler. The gallery presents regular solo and group exhibitions and was featured in this years NYC event for independent galleries 'No Soul For Sale' from X Initiative.

Opening on the 17 of September at 7pm will be Karl Orton's "The Jolly Smashing of the Uncanny'. The artist will be presenting an installation based on the idea of the art worlds interpretation of appropriation and its connection to the uncanny. Orton was born in the UK and studied at the Staedelschule in Frankfurt after working for Maison Martin Margiela in Paris for 3 years.

Friday, August 28, 2009

El Cosmico, The Future of the Art Community & Where to Find the Really Hip Hotels

Have you ever seen something so inspiring that you wish you had thought of it first? Well, this is one of those times for me. The awe inspiring hotelier Liz Lambert, known otherwise (and I quote) as the 'Aviator of Cool' for the hip Austin, Texas crowd is wowing us again with her latest lodging concept El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas. The project is still under construction, but we should all get a jump on this creation because it is going to be legend - wait for it - dary!

Detail of Vintage Trailer
Photo courtesy of El Cosmico blog

Ok, lets see if I can sum it up for ya! Deep breath........Lambert and her uber-qualified team are covering all the contemporary life style bases on this one by creating a full functioning community/hotel/artist haven on 15 acres of land with renovated vintage trailers, rammed earth buildings, solar showers, hammocks, a greenhouse, an amphitheater, an arthouse & of course, a bar. Some of the more luxurious features to come, if that were possible, include a pool, a pavilion, fire pits and a few wood fired hot tubs. Lambert is working with the architecture firm Lake/Flato - winners of the AIA National Firm Award known for their dedication to sustainable design & Jack Sanders of Design Build Adventure.

Design Build Adventure Arrive At Work
Photo courtesy of El Cosmico Blog

Broadford Farm Pavilion - Sun Valley, Idaho
Photo courtesy of Lake/Flato

Carraro Residence - Kyle, Texas
Photo courtesy of Lake/Flato

Lake LBJ House - Lake LBJ, Texas
Photo courtesy of Lake/Flato

I have been doing a lot of Texas surfing lately and it is definitely a force to be reckoned with. In addition to a slew of other initiatives, Lambert seems to be one of the central figures contributing to states current progressive projects. A few weeks ago I discovered Ballroom Marfa, a non-profit Gallery space with a program that would humble the likes of Larry Gagosian and Charles Saatchi. In addition to its small but select group of contemporary art spaces Marfa actually has a long history in the arts. Since the fabled minimalist Donald Judd moved there in the 70's it has been recognized as an established art community and a significant destination for collectors and historians. Who ever thought that a small west Texas town with a population of 2,300 bordering the northeastern seat of the Chihuanhuan Desert could be so desirable! The terrain, the earth installations and the wild climate are known to be some of the towns most attractive aspects for tourists.

Donald Judd
15 untitled works in concrete, Marfa
1980-1984 detail

Thunderbird Hotel, Marfa

Ballroom Marfa Gallery, Marfa

If I were to indroduce Liz Lambert properly - in all her entirety and associations, this post might turn into a small book. In addition to El Cosmico, Lampert is also responsible for the Hotel San Jose, The Thunderbird hotel (Marfa), The Belmont Hotel, Jo's Coffee, and my personal Favorite Hotel St. Cecilia. One of the most important and unifying of characteristics among these hotels which also emphasizes Lambert's eco friendly concept and appreciation for design is that they are all classic vintage structures dating from the 30's to the 50's. Each Hotel retains its former glory despite having been renovated and reconstructed to cater to a more modern aesthetic. The idea that one can create a string of diverse, hip, luxurious hotels without ever having to build a new energy sucking monstrosity is a welcome transformation.

Hotel San Jose, Austin

Belmont Hotel, Dallas

Jo's Coffee, Austin - Shares a parking lot with the Hotel San Jose

Lambert's team and aesthetic approach has reinvented the hotel industry in such an extraordinary way that it makes one wonder why they ever stayed in hotels to begin with. Her cool, achingly beautiful design savvy paired with her environmental sensibility is sure to inspire the senses and blow the mind!

Hotel St. Cecilia, Soul Pool

Hotel St. Cecilia, Austin
Hunter S. Thompson for Sheriff, 1970 (Suite 1)

I am just beaming with anticipation for Lambert's latest work of art. The road to El Cosmico Village is intended to be lined with Art Shacks housing a silk screen workshop, a pottery studio, and a darkroom. My only question is, 'when can I move in?'

Photo courtesy of the El Cosmico blog by Lexi Meece

I'm sure that I will be returning with posts about any one of these fabulous locations very soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I HIGHLY recommend you very carefully peruse and drool over all these time consuming links that I have posted here & maybe book a flight to Texas?! El Cosmico is not yet complete, but the bar is open!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Valentin Löllmann - Extraordinary Design

Spotted this today on Design Sponge and had to spread the love! These gorgeous photos were taken by the artist himself. This is Valentin's first collection, and a promising one it is! Check out the chair from this collection on his website, it would make any room. I love any designer that can take pieces of antique furniture and give new meaning to them. I have always wondered what one could do with a beautiful un-repairable piece from the turn of the century, Lollmann is right up my alley. These pieces want to make me run to my local junk store and get right to it!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

CocoRosie - live in Karlsruhe


My beloved wife Kate took me to the CocoRosie concert in Karlsruhe for my birthday a few weeks ago. It was a marvelous performance by the two sisters, their human beatbox TEZ and their pianist.


The atmosphere at the Tollhaus was awesome also in part due to the audience's wild enthusiasm!


In September 2009 they'll start their North American Tour So, if you get a chance to see them, don't miss it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dash in & Dash out

For an artist that represented so much of the anger, hurt and aggression of his generation, its hard not to feel that some hope has been lost with the passing of Dash Snow. His death, much like his art, followed the NY City code of excess - check in, take over, create anarchy, become an emblem for your generation, trash a hotel room or two, establish iconic status within the Artworld and accidentally overdose in a posh hotel in the city.

Snow's art was the kind you had to have a love - hate relationship with & that's the way he wanted it. He was obviously self indulgent, but his work was also honest, vulnerable and generous.

Photos courtesy of

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Razzle Dazzle in Venice

The German Artist Tobias Rehberger has been chosen as this years recipient of the Golden Lion Award for the best artist at the Venice Bienalle for his Cafe created in collaboration with Artek. Rehberger has been considered a 'complete original' since the early 90's represented by Freidrich Petzel Gallery. He actually won the award for best young artist at the Bienalle in 1993 and has shown no signs of slowing down since. His pieces are monumental, collaborative, communicative, ambiguous and come with a great deal of financial backing. Famed for his approach to art production and combining his aesthetic with the practical characteristics of design, his cafeteria at the Biennale illustrates his interest in both the social and historical mutations of artistic practice in contemporary art. 

Rehberger modeled his Cafe after the Razzle Dazzle or Dazzle Style that the Americans and the British used on their ships during World War I to evade the German U boats that had been sinking their ships at a dangerous rate. This form of camouflage that they adapted from the then current cubist style promoted by british naval officer and artist Norman Wilkinson helped the boats to blend into the appearance of the sea and sky which constantly fluctuates. The designs created an optical illusion which made it difficult for the enemy to gage the course and speed of the target effectively making it harder to hit with a torpedo. 

Some of Rehberger's most ambitious projects consist of commissioning knock off Mercedes and Porsche designs produced in Thailand, large sculptures, installations and film projects. For Rehberger's cars he sent only sketches drawn from memory to the factories without any further instructions in which the final output showed some recognizable traits from the original designs and left the rest to be freely interpreted, hence revealing the cars as mere copies. In his piece from 2006 'American Traitor Bitch' Rehberger collaborated with Danish-Vietnamese artist Danh Vo. In an effort to raise questions surrounding authorship Rehberger gave the conceptual work to Danh Vo who used the story of his Father's escape from Vietnam with a boat that he had built after the war to create a basis for the works construction. Rehberger used Danh Vo's recollections of his Father's story and the the boat itself to create a work which embodied various interpretations while staying true to Rehberger's signature style.

 American Traitor Bitch, 2006

The poster below is from a project that examines how the constructions of final products are often hidden titled "On Otto" in which Rehberger literally made a film in reverse. He began with this movie poster below, a title sequence and finished with a screenplay. Rehberger chose to collaborate with individuals working in the movie business as opposed to working with artists in order to better expose each aspect of the full scale film making process. 

Starting point for the project 'On Otto' , 2007

For Rehberger it's all about flipping our perspectives and changing the status quo. His deconstructive approach allows him to delve into the making of things, the standards of visual culture, and break out of the white cube. Essentially, he attempts to show us what's behind the curtain, how refreshing.

Here below are some images of the WWI ships after their Razzle Dazzle camouflage makeovers.