Thursday, February 12, 2009

luscious Design

I have had my eye on these Log Bowls from Loyal Loot Collective for some time now. I felt compelled to 'catalog' these on our Blog just so I don't forget what to do with extra cash when it happens to fall into my lap. As you can see, one couldn't possibly purchase just a single piece. I find the contrast between the natural wood and the high gloss finish to be highly satisfying if you know what I mean! And, for your conscience, each bowl is handmade and eco-friendly made from recycled wood using only locally reclaimed trees. Loyal Loot Collective is a progressive design force comprised of four female designers. They seem to have a knack for creating objects which are not only serene, but timeless as well - a rare commodity in todays design market. The log bowls can be purchased at Rose and Radish in the USA and Mint in Europe - Two fabulous design destinations.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am probably one of the most indecisive people in the world. Unfortunately, this character trait does not fly well when you are trying to figure out what you want to wear to your own wedding. I have never fancied myself a 'white dress' girl, so the search for alternatives has been long and wide. After a year of searching (seriously), I have finally discovered a designer that leaves me gasping for breath. Kate Towers out of Portland, Oregon has a story to match her incredibly authentic style. She is self taught, which blows my mind when I look at these images. After completing her studies in illustration, graphic design and fine art in New England, she moved to Portland and founded Seaplane, one of the most renowned independent fashion boutiques on the West Coast offering the best of bespoke, hand made & experimental fashion. In addition to being a haven for one of a kind designs, Seaplane is also a thriving artists community of sorts. 

In 2008 Towers left Seaplane to focus on her own line, and thriving it is! Her creations can be found at Seaplane and on her Etsy page. I would gladly travel to Portland to meet this romantically inclined designer and just maybe commission her to make the dress I have only dreamed of! Here's a little taste of some of her designs. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's the little things

It's wonderful to come across an artist that lifts your spirits by bringing to attention that which we take for granted. In a way, this is what art is all about - a slow and graceful unfolding of the world in all its beautiful intricacies and paths. My Mother has recently introduced me to the world, and I mean WORLD, of Nigel Peake. In addition to being uber-talented, Peake derives a pleasure from life that most of us dream of and commit ourselves daily to rediscovering. Personally, I find it difficult to appreciate every blade of grass, the unpretentious interior structure of a building, the texture of tiny things or something that is almost broken. This is not to say that I never take pleasure in reflecting upon subtle details, but I truly admire Peake's ability to demonstrate, or simply exist on such a beautifully subjective plane of being. Working within a vast stylistic structure comprised of architecture (he is an Architect), urban landscapes, maps, portraiture, photography, design, and just plain things - Peake speaks to us as a kind of 21st Century visual guru - uncovering the hidden possibilities for how we might view the material world anew, and make it our own. 

Images via

*Discover Nigel Peake's publications at Analogue Books.
*There is a great interview with Peake here at myloveforyou! His discriptions are worth reading.
*For a complete professional profile of Nigel Peake, click here. It's quite a good summary of this one man show!