Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We love you Zouma

I would like to introduce the new addition to our family that has been keeping me from focussing on anything else at the moment besides her sweet face. We adopted Zouma from a pound in Egypt about two weeks ago. When we got her she was absolutely petrified and has since slowly began to come out of her shell. We love her to bits and are trying our best to integrate her into German life. She is incredibly nervous and curious at the moment and doing a wonderful job getting to know her new home, neighborhood and her many new admirers. Watching her is like watching a baby discover the world for the first time, she is fascinated by everything.

She is about 9 months old which makes her about 6 in human years, so you can imagine what a task it is to follow her around teaching her what she can and can't put in her mouth and where she can pee! My husband and I have turned into new parents over night and naturally, we can't manage to talk about anything else. So, if you see us on the street, beware, you are in for a long discussion about our new baby. You know those annoying parents who try to put their new born babies on the phone when they make a cute sound and speak incessantly about their moment to moment experiences? Well, that's us!

I can't begin to express how much joy that Zouma has brought into our lives and how good it feels to have rescued her from one of only two shelters in Egypt. When Zouma was rescued a group of children were trying to drown her in a canal. She came to the shelter as a street dog and is incredibly obedient and wonderfully gentile for such a history. She is a mix of many races, but belongs to the Egyptian desert dog clan which dates back to before Christ. If you live in Europe and would like to rescue a dog that desperately needs a home check out the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals and Spare Lives. The shelters in Egypt are overflowing, so if you are considering getting a puppy of your own, please look at these sites above first.